Let's Bring Back the Cocktail Hour

Let's connect offline just as much as we connect online.

Let's revive the practice of having friends, family, and neighbors over for drinks, for any reason or no reason at all.

Let's use the special glasses not just on holidays or for birthdays, but also on a Tuesday, or because there's a full moon, or just plain old because.

Cocktails bring us together. In Our Cups exists to bring the spirit and the joy of midcentury entertaining to you through the fabulous, stylish, lovingly chosen vintage glasses, cocktail sets, bar tools, and other home bar essentials featured in my shop. Check out my blog for recipes, party ideas, and other resources for awesome hosts and hostesses like you.

Let's raise a glass to getting together more, laughing more, learning to mix some delicious drinks, and reveling in the pleasures of entertaining the people we dig most.

Cheers to that.